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Cabin - EC²Basic

Safety Behaviour and Team Leading in Crisis I

Flight attendants usually are well prepared with trainings for critical situations during the flight. Besides the hard facts that have to be adhered to in crisis, there are a lot of trainings concerning social factors. These social factors can be disrupted when shock and fear are present unless the trainings are anchored not only physically, but also emotionally.

This training for Cabin Crews combines these factors by incorporating new methods for the development of their emotional state during crisis situations.

The participants of this training learn:

  • How to perceive their emotions,
  • How to deal conductively with their fear,
  • How to steer their own behaviour to be more aware,
  • How to communicate with the passengers, their colleagues and the cockpit in case of emergency, even when panicked,
  • How to lead their team in critical situations.

Using action-oriented tasks in the group, each participant gets the possibility to reflect on his own behaviour and to train and adapt this behaviour to the safety relevant goal. Self-responsibility and sustainability therefore play a central role.

Cabin - EC²Refresher

Safety Behaviour and Team Leading in Crisis II

This training is a deepening of Emotional Cabin Control Basic.

Both trainings are available in English and German.

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"The Cockpit has switched off the right engine due to fire... Three minutes before landing the Flight Attendant notices the left engine burning, but does not dare talk to the Cockpit..."

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