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Cockpit - EC²Basic

Safety-Relevant Leadership Behaviour for Cockpit Crews I

Several studies done by airlines in the nineties have established that 80% of all incidents are due to flawed interpersonal relationships in the cockpit. With this concern our trainings offer pilots personal awareness of their own behaviour in critical situations, as well as increasing their leading and team playing capability to maximize safety factors. Based on the concept of CRM ("Crew Resource Management"), Emotional Cockpit Control deepens the psychological theory by using actual case studies and action-oriented exercises. Pilots learn how to remain in an emotionally stable state during the flight and how to return quickly to that state in the event of a crisis.

Our work is based on present scientific levels of psychological knowledge for employees in critical complex business situations. It is further specialized on education and training for cockpit members from all over the world. In detail, we concentrate the pilots` learning on the sources and consequences of thinking, attitude, communication and crisis management for the prevention of human error.

Cockpit - EC²Refresher

Safety-Relevant Leadership Behaviour for Cockpit Crews II

Requirement: Emotional Cockpit Control EC² (Basic). This training prepares the pilots for a deeper understanding and transfer of their emotional behaviour awareness during crisis. Pilots have previously learned "which" of their behaviours in daily work-life are affected. During the EC² Refresher, they will learn methods on "how" to transfer their individual behaviour to obtain the maximum effectiveness during crisis situations. The training will be based on action-oriented exercises, case studies and discussions.

Both trainings are available in English and German.

  • Open to every pilot at the German Airline Pilot Association, Neu Isenburg, Germany (see German version/ offene Seminare).
  • Airlines can book this as a tailored training for their Cockpit Crews, Check Captains, CRM-Trainers and as well as a part of the Captains` education.

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"The Cockpit Crew notices that their plane is running out of fuel... The First Officer expresses an idea, but the Captain does not react..."

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