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Risk Management
in Aviation

Training Concept:
"Emotion Control" (EC)

Competent leadership needs a strong self! Especially in crisis, the social relationship factors play an important role. Awareness of the right parties receiving the correct information is crucial. Leaders have to know if their teams are committed to working together, or if there are other factors inhibiting an experienced colleague from taking the right actions for rectification.

With the mandatory CRM-Training participants get an introduction of Human Factor skills. During our EC trainings, cockpit crews, cabin crews and ground crews get a deepening of CRM. They learn how their own psychological and personal influences can reduce and rectify human error.

Sample questions answered during our trainings:

  • How do I know if I can rely on my colleague in crisis?
  • Am I able to remain in control while leading my team during a crisis?
  • What do I have to do if I lose control of my team during a crisis?
  • What do I have to do to remain in control of myself?
  • What do I have to consider in leadership, how should I communicate, what is different if the time pressure continues to grow?


"If you think about the costs of safety, try an accident!"

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