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Individual Coaching for Others

  • Which of my mental processes block me in daily life?
  • How can I better hear, understand and lead my emotions?
  • How can I deal with the daily work pressure?
  • How can I better combine family and profession?
  • How can I transfer my personal and professional goals more easily?
  • How do I better influence my perceptions, way of thinking and behaviour?


During the initial meeting with our client, definitions of the procedures and goals will be discussed. Decisions will be made as to if, and what time frames the coaching process will need.
The coaching process can be accomplished in a staff development setting and/or on an individual basis as needed.
Email- and/or phone coachings can be requested as an accompaniment to the initial personal coaching.

Our coachings are presented in English and German.

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"An ultimate decision has to be made. There is mounting pressure. The behaviour of the negotiator puts your own strategies into question..."

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