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Our team has trained pilots from the following Airlines:

  • Lufthansa Passage, Lufthansa Cargo, Lufthansa Cityline
  • German Wings | Hamburg International | Eurowings
  • DBA | Condor Berlin | Tyrolean Airways | Austrian Airlines | Air Berlin
  • TUI Fly | Augsburg Airways

Further companies we have worked for:

  • German Airline Pilot Association | Wirtschaftskammer Tirol
  • LTU | AeroLogic GmbH | SunExpress Deutschland | Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG
  • IFALPA -International Federation of Pilots` Associations
  • Unternehmerverband Südtirol/ CTM | Gemeinde Sand in Taufers
  • Tiroler Sparkasse | S`Bausparkasse Innsbruck | Raiffeisenkasse Meran
  • Raiffeisen-Landesbank Tirol AG  |  Raiffeisenkasse Hart eGen
  • Lafarge Roofing Italia | Leitner Lifte International
  • Institut für klinische Emidemiologie, Tiroler Landeskrankenanstalten
  • Bezirksgemeinschaft Eisacktal | slw Soziale Dienste der Kapuziner | ATP Akademie, Innsbruck
  • ACS Datasystems AG, Brixen | Sandoz GmbH International
  • Kinderfreunde Tirol | Management Center Innsbruck
  • Affia assistance, international affairs, Vienna
  • Wolf System GmbH / Srl | Athesia Buch GmbH
  • Eglo Leuchten GmbH | D.Swarovski & Co
  • Junior Chamber International (JCI)
  • and others

Testimonials from training-participants

(in original German version and English translation)


"Safety Relevant Leadership for Cockpit Crews - a big theme, which was enjoyably presented. How is my competence seen in the cockpit? Actually, an interesting question which should touch everybody, who is busying himself with his own personality. As for myself, I got many foods for thought and orientation about my own role by the various role-plays and the follow-up discussions. This training was an ideal access for me to grapple with this interesting theme and to develop myself."


"Such a seminar offers unequalled opportunities. Theory and practice are so much enmeshed in each other, that there is no room for boredom and the experiences leave a permanent mark. You get perfect ammunition to take action to change the momentary knowledge into applied knowledge. Such a seminar has to be recommended."


"Because we will not see each other in the near future, I would like to say thank you to both of you. Without the seminar in April I now would probably still fly as SFO. Although there is a lot of stress with my formation, I have a lot of fun with the captain course and everything is running fantastic."


"After some days had past after the training and I could reflect everything again, I would like to express my respect to the two of you for your professionalism in the seminar. Everything has impressed me very much."


"I was surprised, how important personality and the knowledge about the own personality for leadership is."


"In the intensive Coaching with Mrs. Dagmar Reuter I, in particular realized that there are so many things in my own subconscious mind, which only wait to be discovered and utilized..."


"Mrs. Reuter came across at me being courageous, lively, spontaneous, competent, natural, self confident, infectious, positive, balanced, wise and open for experiments. She is a real model of a leader, entrepreneur and mother."


"I am indebted to you a thousand times, because I now overcame a blockade, which I had in my previous political function. I could not talk in front of the public at all. The seminar really helped me a lot."


"I don`t know, how you managed in only one day, together with a group of seminar participants, to exactly get to the point of my weaknesses and to guide them on the right way... Whatever you have done with me, I thank you cordially for it. As well I want to make you a compliment: In ten years I want to do my work as professional as you, and with that much heart."


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