Systemic accompaniment from your A to your B and sometimes neither of both

Individual coaching serves as an effective transfer of knowledge, which is learned in everyday life and taught in seminars. What has mainly been recognized theoretically, finds time and space here for deeper reflection in order to get closer to the implementation in practice.

Complexity finds its order in coaching, the orchestra of thoughts gets to know its conductor and the "real" goal experiences a very personal touch.

Whether in a professional or private context, whether as an individual or group - coaching enables individual coordination to every need. Because the stage belongs to you.

Coaching promotes strength and clarity

  • in communication
  • in decision making
  • in conflict resolution
  • in dealing with pressure and responsibility
  • in the role as a leader

"Change is a living process without end. We get the ball rolling."

„The coaching provided me with a space in which to work out alternatives to professional and personal issues. In doing so, I found solutions to topics that would never have come to my mind. Especially valuable for me was the energy from the "here and now" to understand myself better. That brought me on astonishingly fast and supported me to give my challenges the right value. In the course of the process I felt a compassionate companion. Thank you!“

„Highly competent, detailed and clear feedback, especially many valuable experience gained like never before! The training session was worth twice as much to me as it cost!“

„Coaching has taught me a lot about why people respond, how they react. This helped me to better understand my counterparts, which is very helpful especially in conflict situations. I can reflect much better today and also switch off.“

emotions2lead coaching

  • focuses on personality development and self-reflection
  • creates order in thoughts and peace of mind
  • awakens the natural intuition of the human being
  • reveals potential in an unconventional and individual way
  • leads from ME to WE
  • shows team dynamics and rhythms
  • offers mediation & conflict management
  • draws the strategic bow from personnel development to organization
  • is embedded in the existing corporate culture
  • offers everyone the framework to strengthen, clarify and find goals in professional and private questions

We would be happy to support your company in setting up a comprehensive coaching offer as a measure for personal and cultural development in your company..

As a coach and supervisor, I accompany businesses and social institutions alike.

My methods are the result of many years of deep engagement with the consciousness of the human being, as well as a versatile (life) experience, professionally as well as personally.