Understanding one's mind - Strengthening the potential of others - Leading organisations

Leadership begins with the leadership of oneself and can only become effective as empowerment of employees when self-management and self-care shape the attitude of the executive.

An inspired management style is characterised by clarity and openness, a prerequisite for exemplary effect and structure.

“You cannot manage other people unless you manage yourself first.”
(Peter Drucker)

Emotional Awareness in Leadership

begins in the spirit of the leader and means ...

  • to recognize one's own emotions
  • to train mind and body
  • to embody attitude
  • to exemplify/to live meaning, significance and intent


A leader who understands his spirit...

  • strengthens his willingness to assume responsibility
  • creates clarity and focus for the goal
  • increases the attention for the essentials
  • promotes empathy and compassion
  • increases innovative strength and decision-making ability
  • increases well-being, vitality and resilience
  • contributes to good health


Leadership through empowerment of the individual

arises through attitude and methodological competence

Anyone who wants to promote followership as a leader...

  • shapes impact and profile
  • sees potential and strengthens resources
  • promotes clarity, directness, and consistency in personal appearance
  • provides tools for successful feedback communication
  • enables the integration of corporate values in an individual way
  • forms an appreciative attitude for a supporting relationship culture

and thus increases performance

Emotional Awareness in Leadership

Leadership through Empowerment

Interdisciplinary Processes through Relationship Management

Interdisciplinary processes

can be set in motion if the „I“ reaches the „WE“ and the relationship takes place at eye level.

Do you want to strengthen your awareness of personal thinking and acting as a Leader? Or are you looking for methodological competence to lead your teams and do you want to set interdisciplinary processes in motion? We are happy to accompany you through your transition process.