When self- and outside perception enter into a dialogue, authenticity emerges

Every person acts and moves in his/her own "personal game" - a game of mostly unwillingly rooted behavior and emotions. Even systems follow an inner rhythm. What we think and how we act as individuals or in a team is affected by many influences from our individual story. The more complex a task field, the more the processes are controlled by the "internal autopilot" or the accustomed dynamics of the entire system.

To discover this independent inner game is the starting point of our work.

“Emotional Awareness exposes one's own mental processes in order to act in terms of the common goal”

„Discover your game“ implies

  • to uncover the game of the inner autopilot
  • to change perspectives and
  • to re-evaluate the outside by looking inwards.


We do not ask why. We ask: what?

emotions2lead focuses on those steps that need to be taken in everyday life to balance hard and soft facts.

Individual person or a system:

Professional competence, specifications, laws and key figures form the necessary framework to achieve economic goals. However, an organization does not become the best version of itself until it finds its liveliness through humans. If professional skills set the framework, then relationship competence is the material from which inner and internal dynamics blend into a total work of art. Whoever enters into a relationship is successful.

„Discover your game“ encourages to discover the power of one's own thoughts and unconscious dynamics within relationships and to use them effectively for joint objectives.